Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our last post from Italy

This is our last post from Italy. We have had an awesome stay with Fi, Francesco and Willy.

See Willy is waving goodbye.

Yesterday We went into Venice by ourselves and found a fantastic restaurant. Anna if you are reading this final photo check out who has eaten here. So finally got to be in the same place. For our last meal this place was superb. The bill was also superb also but last super and all.

We picked this place because of the writing on the menu. So glad we did.

Brett on the rialto ponte.

I can't believe it is over, that three and half months have gone so quickly.

We love this crazy place, have enjoyed the traveling, the food, the wine and most of all the people. The other countries were great but aren't the same as Italy.

So thanks for following along on my crazy blog and we will see you all very soon.

Love Monique, Brett, Marty, Kiwi and Hooter


Monday, April 2, 2012

Arriving Venice - 1-2 April 2012

We arrived with success and Francesco picked us up from the train station. We are having a lovely time. Willy received his gift from Soissons France from my lovely friend Isabelle and her mum. He loves the turtle and the turtle has been named turtle in French. Sorry cant remember what it is but know that he will have a very happy soppy (due to Willy trying to eat him) life here in Italy.

We headed into Venice today with the family, well Francesco had to work (sorry). Val if you are reading this Will was wearing his present today and he loved it. It did help him pick up the women, or it might be that he is just so plain adorable that he can't be resisted. I have never seen a baby where so many people want to touch him, talk to him it is weird.

Venice is so busy today, I don't think I would like to be here in Summer or carinvale time.

Let me say that Venice is not set up for babies or wheelchairs.

That over there is where you can catch a gondola for 1 euro which just goes from one side to the other.

Only 3 or sleeps.

Love Monique, Brett, Marty, Kiwi and Hooter


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our last day in Verona

MMM, I am not sure what to say. This feels like the end of the trip. Tomorrow we head off to be with friends (which will be awesome) but this is the end of our official trip. Three months together, 24 x 7, 7 days a week as Brett pointed out before we left and we made it. We have been to England, France and Italy. We have been in two places that haven't seen snow in 20 - 30 years (Lyon and Rome), studied for a month, made new friends and fallen in love with a country which we already really liked. We have eaten some amazing food, drunk some fantastic wines and well generally enjoyed ourselves. We have learnt that italian drivers really drive to their own rhythm and rules and they only seem to apply to them and no one else. Don't even try to attempt to drive way beyond the speed limit, park in the middle of the street or on the footpath, park other cars in, ride your scooter while talking on the phone and doubling someone and well generally do whatever you want.

According to me it has been fantastic, we have had the best holiday every and although the trip is shorter than we originally planned the three months have been awesome, fantastic. Would I say life changing, no but would I say that we now look at things differently. Yes. Are we glad we did this trip yes.

For us it went so quickly. At the beginning it didn't seem to go so quick but this last few weeks have flown by. How can we be heading to Venice already. I mean we just got here. Who knows what the rest of this year will bring but let me say the first three month have been worth it.

This will probably be the last post in Italy as I am not sure if my next place has wifi. So you will get a final update when we get back to australia.

We finished off our tourist card today. One of the places was closed and I think that Brett was secretly glad. We headed off to the roman theatre and museum.

After this we headed off to lunch, the first place we went to didnt serve us so we left and I found this place called "Romeo and Juliet". Now you would think it was a tourist trap but it wasn't. The food was fantastic and it was a great finish to Verona. After lunch we strolled and then sat in the Arena for a bit.

Lovey, lovely and well lovely.

Thanks everyone for following our holiday but we will see you when we are back in Australia.

Love Monique, Brett, Marty, Kiwi and Hooter


Friday, March 30, 2012

A castle, Juliet, and a tower

We played tourists today, oh hold on we are tourists. We bought a 2 day Verona card. More for the free public transport than anything else but well we have it so we used it to visit the touristy stuff.

First stop was Castelo Vecchio. We got to tour around the castle, look at lots of old paintings of jesus and mary. I am sorry but there are only so many of those that we can look at. However the views from the castle walls were great.

Marty got a ride on a stone horse. He so enjoyed it. However I did not like walking on the floor as it wasn't the original floor and you could tell. So I walked around the edges.

Now one of the reasons we came to Verona is the so called Juliet and Romeo debacle. So with the tickets we bought we got free entry into Juliet's house and onto the supposed balcony where that really famous scene happened.

So the guys made it out today to check out the bed of Juliet in her house. They were very impressed. Unfortunately for Brett and I the words "tourist trap" springs to mind. You will remember my early posts about Jane Austin and somewhere else I cant remember where they have claimed something cause it makes good tourist business. This may be one of those cases. At least we got something to laugh about.

Look me and the guys got to be on the balcony of Romeo and Juliet. It wasn't possible to get it by ourselves but look how romantic it is. Brett was down below serenading us.

Now to my very exciting news. I made it to the top of the tower. Finally. Let me say I was not a very happy camper but I got Brett to take photos so I have proof. So we get to the tower, it is part of our card so Brett heads up using the stairs. I start talking to the guide dud and there is a lift that will get you almost to the top for 1 euro. So I figure I can do that bit and see after that. So I get in and we move towards the top. It stops and I get and guess what there are more stairs to the top. Now so far this bloody height thing has beaten me. So I walked around the other side and there is a little window (great views) and a little seat. So I sat down and watched everyone going up. Watching them go up so casually and I thought I can do it. So when no one was around I got up the first flight of stairs which wasn't to bad but then it went around and curvy and I went come on just look straight ahead and keep walking. I made it to the top but then there was a door. I had to let go of the railing to open the door. This door was nearly the end of my triumph. I finally was able to let go of the railing and push at the door. I eventually got out of the door and made it up the last few stairs. There was plenty of room at the top without having to be near the edge but I sat down for a bit to get a control of myself. Brett was very happy to see me. So I made myself do little things as well as being up there. Like take photos or move away from the railing in the middle and move to one side so he could take photos. It was very hard but I won. The elevator helped as it took me most of the way and my mind didn't have time to think about it too much. So yeh to me.

Don't I look so comfortable leaning into the wall.

Here is me at the bottom of the tower with a Yeh I made it jump.

After here we did two of the churches that were on the list. They were nice but I am over Jesus (sorry Jesus).

A great tourist day and and we have another one planned tomorrow where we will finish off the things we want to see and then on Sunday it is off to visit our friends Fiona and Francesco for 4 days and then it is time to head on home time.

Love Monique, Brett, Marty, Kiwi and Hooter


where for art thou my sweet juliet

Interesting day. We started off with visit to the local bank in Como to discuss with them how their machine ate our money. We had used the card yesterday but half way through the transaction it cancelled and gave us our card back. However when we check the bank statement that night it said that we had taken the money. So we had to go talk to them.

They were really nice and are looking into the problem at the moment and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

The trip to Verona was uneventful. The trains are always easy to catch etc so we got here with ease. Even the bus wasnt that hard to get. We did have to ask someone and we found out we were standing at the right bus stop but going the wrong way. So we are just outside the city centre and the hotel seems really nice. The room is good but the internet is not functioning so not sure when you will get this. Probably when we get home.

We went into town just to have a look around. We bought a 2 day tourist card which gives us bus travel and entry into most of the places we want to see. So tomorrow we start being tourists. Will let you know how it goes.


Love Monique, Brett, Marty, Kiwi and Hooter


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumb

We will go backwards today. The title is implying that we are getting bigger by the day. It has slowly (or not so slowly happening) since we left. The last few nights we have been having salads with very little carbs and no meat at all.
So tonight being our last night we thought we would have salad for lunch instead of tea and have tea out. Why is my stomach controlling everything. we had 3 courses tonight. I could have just had the 'here dried meat and rocket salad' yes that is what they called it. Second course was pasta and then last course was pork chop in curry sauce. Each of them was really lovely but it was way to much. I don't feel very well at the moment.
When will my brain learn not to listen to stomach when it says 3 courses are a great idea.
We went for a ride on the boat today on the lake. It doest go everywhere at this time of year but enough places for us to see how lovely this place is. Poor George for having to live here. I feel so sorry for him.

PS I forgot to mention for lunch today we bought two premade salads,
1 litre wine and 500ml bottle of beer all for the sum of 11 euro.

Love Monique, Brett, Marty, Kiwi and Hooter

Location:Via Alessandro Volta,Como,Italy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I have nothing to say today but Como is beautiful in Spring. I got a hair cut, bought some makeup while Brett read comics and we had pizza by the lake and home for a nap. Out to go shopping for dinner and watch the sun set.

Love Monique, Brett, Marty, Kiwi and Hooter

Location:Via Alessandro Volta,Como,Italy